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Reveco® Artificial Translucent Stone / Faux Alabaster

Alabaster and onyx: these materials have long inspired and caught the thoughts of designers and everyday people from the world over. Translucent, magnificent, and absolutely captivating, these stones are the essence of natural beauty. Panels, partitions, and countertops crafted of alabaster have traditionally been found in only the most luxurious bars, hospitality establishments, and homes on earth.

While the splendor of alabaster and onyx is undeniable, these materials are not accessible for many applications because of their cost, thickness, weights and fragility.We've been successful to produce materials of such kind that offer all of the benefits of alabaster and onyx without the downsides to deliver our valued customers the same charm & grace of alabaster and onyx without the associated headaches. 

Reveco® Artificial Translucent Stone is a material with endless potential.Its beauty, durability, aesthetics, design flexibility, color choices, etc makes it an ideal choice for residential and commercial applications.